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Bold original acrylic paintings by Fatima Pardhan Toronto



My life as an artist began in Toronto. Since childhood I have always felt that I am an artist at heart. I practiced my art creating cards, posters, painting on silk and cotton. My entries in two egg based painting competitions won recognition. My work is inspired by life and nature. I am an abstract painter, although in my recent work figurative elements are emerging. I have begun creating paintings using fluid acrylics. The process involves a conscious surrender to materials. Through this medium, my art pieces come to life because of the intensity and boldness of colour and the dynamic quality it imparts to each picture.

My connection to art is spiritual in nature. My heart sings when I put colours on paper and they miraculously form designs!

Through my art, I would like to brighten the WORLD with COLOUR! As an emerging artist, my goal is to realize my full potential, continuing to create magic with colours, with an underlying sense of positivity.


All above paintings are original artwork (unframed) unless indicated framed.

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Cell :      647 831 0632 or 647 831 0625

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